10 Things to NOT Do on Spring Break

March is upon us and with it comes madness in the form of basketball and spring break. We aren’t here to tell you how to handle March Madness, although we wouldn’t recommend gambling on the games with your rent money. (But if you do, we like Duke.)

We hope for spring break you have chosen to go somewhere fun and exciting. We like the beach. We like Vegas. Europe is fun. Even if you can’t afford or don’t have time for a big trip, try to go somewhere. There are always deals to be had for hotels and plane tickets!

What we do have for you is 10 things you should never do while on spring break. This list is mostly intended for the ladies, but the guys should probably pay attention to some of these tips as well!

Here are 10 things you shouldn’t do on during spring break:

1. Drink more than you can handle. There is nothing about hangovers, STDs or jail cells that is particularly fun.

She almost made it to the pole - (Image - crossfirecw at Flickr)


2. Party 24/7. We know, we know: partying is fun. But wherever you go for spring break, there is probably more to see than the inside of a bar or the inside of a toilet bowl (you knew you were a light weight; refer to #1).

We can tell you're excited - (Image - Presleyjesus at Flickr)


3. Blow all the money you’ve worked for all year. If you are a student (and even if you aren’t), you’re probably on a budget. You may have even saved up ESPECIALLY for spring break. This doesn’t mean you should empty the bank account while you are there. Do you really need those $8 Palm Beach shot glasses?

Lint won't buy Cheetos (or so we're told) - (Image - StuartPilbrow at Flickr)


4. Hook up with someone while intoxicated. While some hookups during spring break do work out, most of them never will. If you are someone who enjoys casual, consensual sex, then go for it. But if there is alcohol involved and the trip just started, it can make the rest of the week very awkward if either person has regrets.

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5. Take pictures of you making out/groping/doing anything inappropriate with your friends. It seems like a great idea at the time, until your “fun” is on Facebook for the world to see. We aren’t saying not to do it; just forego posing as evidence.

Runaway Tongue! - (Image - Vobios at Flickr)


6. Get a sunburn. If you haven’t gotten any sun since last spring break, you know you should use plenty of sunscreen. Don’t let your desire to get a great tan over spring break sucker you into being miserable for half the trip. Lather it on and forego the embarrasement of being that person.

That looks painful... (Image - Kelly Sue at Flickr)


7. Get arrested. This is probably the most important one. Don’t get arrested. For those underage, if you must drink, be responsible. For those of age, if you must drink, be responsible too. Getting arrested will forever change your life; be smart and don’t do it.

It doesn't look like he needs help getting the cap off. - (Image - cwwycoff1 at Flickr)


8. Not pay your fair share. Nothing is worse than sharing a hotel room with someone who doesn’t pitch in. If you can’t afford the trip, don’t go. If anything is being shared, including gas, lodging, food or alcohol, always ask how much you owe (or tell how much everyone else owes if you paid). You don’t want a few dollars to ruin a trip (or friendship).

Suits on spring break? Me thinks not. - (Image - 401k at Flickr)


9. Doing your own thing (or doing it with strangers). If you are with a group of people, try to stick with the group. You don’t want to end up somewhere you aren’t comfortable. If you want to go shopping during the day, that’s one thing. You want to go for a ride with the cool guy driving the VW van? Remember #9 and say no thanks.

Shaggin-Wagen or not, don't ride in it - (Image - Felixe from Flickr)


10. Get married. Unless it was planned, don’t get married over spring break. While this may seem like a no-brainer to some, it happens more than you think. What is your mom going to say when you come home with a ring (or without, depending on how classy your new husband is) and she wasn’t invited? Don’t find out.

Forget what we said, it's only $99. Go for it. (We're kidding!) - (Image - Zoonabar at Flickr)


While these are ten thing you shouldn’t do on spring break, there are plenty of things you should do, two of which are be safe and have fun!

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